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Summer Seminar '07: July 15-19

From July 15 – 19, 2007, over 360 arts-in-education professionals gathered at the CW Post Campus of Long Island University for the 11th Annual ESP Summer Seminar.  This unique professional development retreat explored the theme “Strategizing for Success".

The Seminar was designed to provide participants with opportunities to:

    • develop new strategies or refine existing strategies to improve the effectiveness of their arts-in-education partnerships.
    • think strategically about their own learning, through regular reflection and dialogue about what they’re learning at the Seminar, and how they’ll use their learning afterward.
    • deepen their commitment to the work of arts-in-education, by networking with like-minded colleagues in a nurturing, vibrant and creative environment.

[photo credits: LC = Lorenzo Ciniglio, KC = Kate Chaffee, BL = Billie Lee].

Strategizing for Success

Through workshops, Peer to Peer discussions, keynote addresses, consultation sessions, and other events, Summer Seminar ’07 provided multiple opportunities for participants to review and improve their abilities to strategize for success in all areas of partnership practice.

Amy Chase Gulden (seated, at computer) and Rob Southworth (standing, at back) provided workshops that outlined a new documentation template for “Evidence of Teacher and Student Learning.”  [LC]



Anne Rhodes (far right), Summer Seminar faculty member, listened to her workshop participants as they wondered about wondering. [LC]

Eric Booth, author, speaker and former ESP faculty chair, encouraged Seminar attendees to pursue their goals for teaching and learning goals cultivating “Habits of Mind of Creative Engagement.” [KC]



After delivering her keynote address about the elements of a successful arts-based school, Michelle Smith, a principal of a Chicago public school, spoke with John Stickles, a principal at a school in rural NY.  [LC]


During the week of the Seminar, participants created and contributed to a multi-day art project, directed by artist Billie Lee and entitled “Orchestration of the Art Making Process.”   Here, participants responded to works of art created in a previous session. [BL]



By the third day, workshop participants had collaboratively altered and re-shaped the art work into something completely new and unexpected. [BL]


By the final day, some order emerged from the “chaos” of multiple contributors and the image of a whale became apparent. [BL]


The final installation included several elements that reached out into the gallery space, such as hanging “seaweed.” [BL]


Summer Seminar participants also produced a mosaic, through a process designed to explore the creative process of a group, power sharing and decision-making. Haifa Bint Kadi was the mosaicist who helped the participants develop their ideas and understand the art of mosaic. [LC]

The final mosaic, completed within three days, consisted of two portions: a banner that depicted waves, and a square that was divided into four segments of the day (morning, afternoon, sunset, night). [KC]

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Peer to Peer Inquiry Sessions

A core element of Summer Seminar, Peer to Peer Inquiry Sessions allow participating teams to explore challenging elements of their partnerships in a supportive, facilitated format.

Gail Burnaford, Summer Seminar faculty member and Peer to Peer facilitator (left), consults with Elizabeth Halverstam of ArtsHorizons before their Peer to Peer session. [LC]

Like many Peer to Peer groups, this group chose a circle formation to facilitate discussion in a democratic fashion. [LC]

Breaking into small discussion groups within a Peer to Peer session, as this group did, is another strategy regularly used by groups to receive multiple perspectives feedback on their ESP projects. [LC]

Exchanges among peers – like this one between Aileen Barry of National Dance Institute, Mark DeGarmo of MDG/Dynamic Forms, and Nia Mason of PS 163 – can yield tremendous insights and learning for both presenters and responders. [LC]

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Student Art Extravaganza

On the evening of July 15, Seminar participants experienced and enjoyed the creativity of students first hand.




Student dancers from National Dance Institute wowed
the Summer Seminar participants with a performance of
“Earth,” a dance based on the history and culture of Senegal.  [KC]

*Click here to see a video of the students' performance.
*Click here to see a video of the students' post-performance Q&A session.

High school students from Roundabout Theatre Company performed scenes from an original play about the impact of Hurricane Katrina that was written, directed and acted by students. [KC]


During the Seminar, artwork by students in ESP partnerships from across New York State was exhibited in the Hillwood Art Museum at CW Post. [KC]


The curators of the student art exhibition included items that explained the students’ processes of art making. [LC]

Summer Seminar: A Place of Our Own

Many seminar participants treasure the frequent opportunities to meet like-minded colleagues and network with people from the arts-in-education field.

Share Fair allowed Seminar participants to learn more about other arts-in-education programs.  Here, Susana Browne (left) of the Maui Arts & Culture Center, speaks with artist Billie Lee. [KC]

Haifa Bint-Kadi (right), Summer Seminar Fellow, mosaicist and unofficial ESP class clown, accepts her award at Sum Semmys. During her acceptance speech, she decided to read from the "expanded" version of the ESP Learning Framework! [KC]

Pete McGuigan (center), of CapeUK in Leeds, England, was one of several Seminar attendees who came from beyond the borders of New York State.   [LC]

Bless ji Jaja of Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corp.(left) and Glenn McClure, Summer Seminar Fellow, continue the spirit of sharing at Summer Seminar even after the conclusion of the Sum Semmys Award Banquet. [KC]

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Student Artwork Exhibition at the Hillwood Art Museum
Images of artwork by students from Empire State Partnerships
from across New York State

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