Empire State Partnerships presents

Summer Seminar 2004

an invigorating arts education retreat

From July 19- 22, 2004, ESP held its 8th Annual Summer Seminar, this year at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. The 300+ participants explored the week’s theme “Inquiry, Reflection and Dialogue” through a variety of events: workshops, discussion groups, keynote address and plenary meetings. Seminar attendees also had several opportunities to meet with consultants and to plan for the upcoming year, as part of their team and with their regional network groups.
Inquiry, Reflection and Dialogue
Choreographer Liz Lerman provided a key note address that touched on several issues related to arts-in-education partnerships, including re-thinking hierarchies, using artistic approaches to management procedures, and her own Critical Response Process, a feedback protocol developed for artists, educators and administrators.
Nan Westervelt and R.J. Rapoza (standing at upper left) observed their workshop participants as they discuss “polishing their partnerships.”
Teachers from the partnership of Central NY Community Arts Council with Greene schools conducted a workshop based on their “culture box” curriculum, which serves as a mini-museum in the classroom.
Peer to Peer Sharing Groups
ESP teams with similar concerns were placed in groups, shared some challenges they face in their work and received useful feedback.

In several sessions, presenters brought in documentation and samples of student work.
Jill Rafferty (left), of Capital Repertory Theatre, shared ideas related to her partnership with the Harriet Gibbons School.
To discuss the Brooklyn Museum’s partnership with PS 321K, the peer to peer group met in a gallery of the Hillwood Art Museum.
Team Time
Teams from ESP Partnerships had opportunities every day to review their practice and plan for the future.

The C.W. Post Campus, which includes its own arboretum, offered several spots for casual conversation.
The LEAP/ PS 6 team took advantage of the beautiful July weather to plan outside.

Roberta Kirshbaum, (left) seen here chatting with some of her teachers from the Bruno Ponterio Ridge St. School, was one of several ESP principals who attended Summer Seminar ’04.
Consultations provide partnerships the chance to engage in one-on-one learning and to discuss specific challenges with seasoned experts.

Anne Rhodes (right) had a consultation session with the team from the
Elaine Kauffman Cultural Center/ Lucy Moses School partnership.

Deb Ingram (far left) met with members of the Queens Museum of Art/ PS 144Q partnership.

Abe Francis-Fallon, ESP Faculty member and webmaster, reviewed computer applications with Amy Chase Gulden, from Studio in a School .

Other highlights of Summer Seminar ‘04
Through out the week, Summer Seminar participants found ways to combine laughter and smiles with their learning.

Carol Ponder (3rd from left), ESP Faculty member and vocal artist, led a morning gathering in the call and response anthem “And When I Rise”.

Program Director Phil Alexander played talk show host for “Let’s Ask a Question” while Christine Griffin from the Bard College/Red Hook Schools partnership won a secret prize (an ESP tote bag) for explaining how she developed a Inquiry approach with her team mates.

Padraig Nash (left) and Jason Duchin, both from the Dreamyard Project, found their Peer to Peer Group both entertaining and informative.
Julia Ashworth, ESP Associate, and Joey Steinhagen, from the Hangar Theatre, were caught planning their emcee schtick for the annual Summer Seminar talent show, “Strut Your Stuff”.
Conference Coordinator Sue Stein (2nd from left) and her staff (from left), Claire Stephens, Barrie Gelles, and Belinda Smith, always went the extra mile to accommodate participants’ requests.
Student Art Work
Art work created by students in ESP partnerships was exhibited at the Hillwood Art Museum. This exhibition was noteworthy not only for collecting works from students in various communities across New York State, but also for including statements from the student artists. For their statements, the artists were asked to describe how their art work used Inquiry. They also had the option to talk about how they reflected on the art work after it was completed, and how they saw the piece participating in a dialogue with viewers.

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