Strategic Foundation Building

Strategic Foundation Building retreats are day long gatherings in which a school’s faculty and staff-- including teachers, principals, teachers aides, librarians, parents, and others-- meet with their colleagues from their partnering cultural organization—such as administrators, program managers, program directors and teaching artists. 

Under the guidance of a trained facilitator, participants in a Strategic Foundation Building (SFB) retreat engage in a series of exercises and discussion topics tailored to the partnership.  As a group, participants collectively develop a long range vision, discuss goals for the partnership, and address “nuts and bolts” issues.

The goals of the retreat are:
  • to articulate a school-based vision
  • to cultivate a shared commitment
  • to build a trusting relationship among partners
  • to empower teacher leadership.

To learn more about SFB retreats, download the SFB Chapter of the ESP Resource Handbook, click here.
(You can also download the entire ESP Resource Handbook here.)

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Anne Rhodes
Independent Consultant

Anne Rhodes, a writer, arts in education trainer and consultant, has been working in arts in education for twenty-six years. Starting out as a Teaching Artist in theater, she became a trainer of TA's and Teachers in two Aesthetic Education programs. Ms. Rhodes now works with school administrators, teachers, museums, arts organizations, and artists to find innovative ways to connect with works of visual art, dance, theater, literature, and music. She is interested in helping to identify and promote best practices for all of us engaged in arts in education. She also does anti-bias, diversity, and communication work.

Consulting Areas

  • Connecting art with curriculum topics
  • Inquiry-based teaching
  • Effective questions
  • Planning and leading effective meetings
  • Facilitation and communication skills
  • Team building and improving partnerships
  • Anti-bias teaching
  • Strategic Foundation Building Retreats

Anne Rhodes
91 Ed Hill Rd
Freeville, NY 13068
(607) 844-9550